Products – Features & Benefits

ENVISION’s high performance windows, window-wall, curtain wall and sloped glazing systems are available in an array of performances, designed to suit the most stringent of requirements.

ENVISION - Curtain Wall Detail

Double Glazed, 3-Layer & 4-Layer Units

Product Overview

Double Glazed Units:

Have been the standard for many years and come in a variety of performance levels.

3-Layer Glazing Units:

Are designed for use in less severe climates where high R value performance is less critical, but where the benefits of improved window performance can still provide meaningful HVAC system and operating cost savings (between R- 3.5 and 5.5). This glazing unit combines one optically clear, UV stable, biaxially supported interlayer, with two lites of clear or tinted low-E glass for enhanced window performance.

4-Layer Glazing Units:

This glazing unit combines two optically clear, UV stable, biaxially supported interlayers, two lites of clear, low-E coated tinted or reflective glass to create three insulating air spaces which results in the highest glazing unit R values (between R-4.5 and 10.5) without reliance on inert gas fills.

By combining a glazing unit that employs the designer’s choice of clear, tinted or reflective glass with low-E coating technology and a highly insulated aluminum frame, the building owner reaps the benefits of a truly high performance envelope.

ENVISION windows and curtain walls have high insulation values* which:

  • Reduce HVAC equipment costs
  • Eliminate the need for perimeter heating
  • Decrease energy consumption in buildings
  • Increase condensation resistance
  • Increased sound attenuation

*R values range from 2 to 10.5 (RSI  0.35 to 1.85)

Innovative WIndows

ENVISION’s innovative window technology allows architects and building owners to create buildings with large expanses of glass without sacrificing energy efficiency. This technology offers the ideal combination of high thermal insulation, low solar heat gain coefficients, high visible light transmission and excellent sound attenuation.


High Efficiency, Low Cost Systems

Buildings using these systems are more energy efficient, more comfortable, quieter, and less costly to construct due to the savings generated from the downsizing of the heating and cooling systems.


  • ENVISION manufactures superior curtain wall and window glazing systems ranging from double glazed, to multi layered systems;
  • Creates world class products for world class projects.
  • Assembled a professional team from the best minds in this field from North America, Europe and Asia;
  • Is an industry leader in high performance window and curtain wall systems;
  • Custom engineers, manufactures, and installs proprietary energy efficient window and curtain wall systems for use in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.