ENVISION’s team welcomes the opportunity to turn new challenges into creative solutions. Our mandate is to assist our clients in making buildings that are beautiful, functional and sustainable. ENVISION is a Canadian company with operations in Edmonton, Alberta, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, and Bangkok, Thailand. We provide high performance curtain wall, window, skylight and window wall systems to commercial, industrial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings across North America.

Managed by successful curtain wall industry veterans, ENVISION is a highly accomplished company. Each team member and project partner were chosen for their expertise, vision and passion for cutting edge, sustainable solutions. Collectively, the ENVISION team has worked on hundreds of highly successful commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings around the globe. Specializing in high performance green buildings and utilizing the knowledge and experience of our professional team, ENVISION continues to be on the leading edge of the curtain wall industry. ENVISION endeavours to make increasingly innovative, significant contributions to many future projects, retrofits and new construction projects both locally and throughout the world.

About the ENVISION Team
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