Van Andel Institute

Van Andel Builds State Of The Art Research Space


Van Andel Institute
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Glazing System

High Performance Curtain Wall
High Performance Sloped Glazing

Product Information

  • 3 Layer, 4 sided silicone and exterior glazed, Curtain Wall System
  • 3 Layer, 4 sided silicone, Sloped Glazing System
  • 6mm clear (low-e) Heat Strengthened Interior lites
  • 8-10mm clear (low-e) Heat Strengthened Exterior lites
  • Clear Anodized finish interior and exterior
  • Overall Window U-Value=0.22 Btu/hr-ft - °f
  • Shading Coefficient=0.31
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC)=36-40


Owner: Van Andel Institute
Architect: Rafael Vinoly Architects, PC
General Contractor: McCarthy Contractors
Dealer: Architectural Glass and Metals, Inc.